News Report 2008/2/7

Hiratsura cycle race starts a toto, if you win it, you can receive 1.6
billion yen.
You will buy it on the internet and it costs 200 yen. If your ticket
hits the last 7 race in a day, you win.
Until now, the highest prize was 0.6 billion yen in the football ltoto.

It differs from the lottery and toto, you must pay tax.

News Report(2008/1/9)

DiCaprio bought a Japanese multifunction washlet.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a famous Hollywood star, bought a Japanese
multifunction washlet.
This washlet has various functions, like a warm toilet seat, automatic
opening and shutting of cap and automatic flush.

Madonna loves this as well and she said "I missed this warm toilet seat",
when she came to Japan.

This type of toilet seems unusual in U.S..

News Report 20070718

You can buy a Spit-fire for only 32 million yen.

You can buy a Spit-fire, which is a famous fighter in the World War 2.
It costs about 32 million yen. It means 1/10 of the cost compared to
the original one.
It is an assembly kit and it takes 500 hours to assemble it.
Its size is 90% of the original one.
It was equipped with a V6 engine and you can enjoy the flight of 222
miles/hour and the high degree 18,000 feet.

It has the same feeling to ride and same sound.
If it interest you, please buy and enjoy it.

News Report 20070711

Disappearing HOBORO island in Hiroshima, eaten by insects.

There is a threat that HOBOLO island in Hiroshima will disappear.
A large amount of small insects, called NANATSUBAKOTSUBU-MUSHI, have been born in that island.
This insect has a very strong chin and digs a hole, which diameter is 1 cm and depth is 1-5 cm, to live in.

The height of the island was 20 meters in 1725. But now, it is only 6 meters.

News Report 20070704

To avoid paying overtime pay, a lot of employees have been assigned as managers.

KONAKA, which is a men's suit company, assigned a lot of employees as managers to avoid paying the overtime pay.
The managers can't get the overtime pay but they can get special bonuses.
40% of employees who work in the shop are managers.

Generally speaking, the managers have authority to manage shops.
But in the case of KONAKA, the headquarters decide many things and the managers can't do that.

It was illegal, and KONAKA will have to pay the overtime pay.

3D image system

A 3D image system(Solid image system) without special glasses was developed by Tokyo University. Using this system, we can see 3D image of 360 degrees in surroundings.
So we can feel we are in real space.

Up to now, when we saw 3D images, we had to use special glasses.
But this system doesn't require them and we can see it by the naked-eye.

The height of this system is 1.2 meter and its diameter is 2 meter.
In the future, we will be able to try it at National museum.

News Report

This year's new employee is "Day trader type".

Social productivity center named this year's new employee characteristic
"Day trader type".
The reason is they don't think to grow up with a company which they
enter and they tend to change their jobs in order to get better job and
much money. This trend is similar to day trader who trade stocks many
time in a day and pile up small amount of profit many time.


Apple announced a new product called iPhone.
iPhone has the following capability
- Phone
- iPod(music & video)
- Photo viewer
- Internet
- e-mail etc.

These functions are not so special but it has a very cool and user friendly UI(user interface).
One example is a operation called pinch.
If you want to enlarge a picture,
you only have to spread your finger on the screen.
iPhone has a "multi" touch panel, so it can detect the distance between 2 fingers and enlarge a picture.
It is so convenient and fits our sense.
If you are interested in it, please visit the Apple web site.
You can see a demonstration of it.

Power source sheet

Tokyo University announced that they successful developed a power source
sheet which can be stuck anywhere.
Using this sheet, we can charge electric devices without connecting
power supply cords.

The thickness and weight of this are about 1mm, 500g respectively.
This has a coil and can produce a magnetic field. So, if the electric
device also has a coil, it can be charged without connecting.

The point of this invention is it can detect the position of the device
and produce a magnetic field only in the area where the device is.

BMW's hydrogen car

BMW announced to the public a liquid hydrogen car in Berlin on 13th.
It will be on sale next summer in Japan.
The hydrogen car discharges only water, so it is very good for
the environment.

BMW's one uses both hydrogen and petrol. It can drive 200km with
hydrogen and 500km with petrol. We can change the fuel with only pushing
a switch easily even during driving.
The big problem for this is that only 1 fuel station is in Tokyo now, I

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